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Faster, simpler, more precise operation. Greater productivity with less operator effort. Lower operating costs with enhanced sustainability. Quality that results in greater reliability. These are the advantages Vactor builds into every machine we manufacture. To obtain these results, we are continually developing cutting-edge technology and making it available to the marketplace. Here are just some highlights of current Vactor technology you’ll find in our product lines:

IntuiTouch® Controls

RDB 1015™ Boom

Water Recycling System

Jet Rodder® Water Pump

Multi-Flow System


Wireless Controls


The revolutionary IntuiTouch® system will change the way you work: simplifying operation, reducing stress, and cutting setup time. Inside the cab, it offers one-touch control to start work. Out in front, all cleaning functions are in a single control panel that adjusts to each operator.

Learn more about Vactor's revolutionary IntuiTouch® system here!

Available on the 2100i, 2100i CB, iMPACT, and Ramjet Truck Series.

Our revolutionary rapid deployment boom telescopes 10 feet out and extends the debris hose down 15 feet.  Altogether, this dramatically reduces set-up and tear-down time while eliminating the need for extra tubes.

See how the RDB 1015 can help you!

The RDB 1015 is available on the 2100i and 2100i CB.

The Vactor Water Recycling System can help you save thousands of gallons of fresh water and save time and fuel expense by eliminating trips to water-filling stations.  It can actually increase productivity by 100%.

Available on the 2100i.

Designed specifically for sewer cleaning, our Jet Rodder® Water Pump provides smooth continuous flows through its entire operating range and includes an optional, easily activated, powerful “Jackhammer” action to break up the toughest blockages.

Available on the 2100i, 2100i CB, iMPACT, and Ramjet Truck Series.

The Multi-Flow System allows you to set water flow at lower RPM while maintaining peak pressure to clean quickly, effectively, and efficiently.  This conserves energy using less fuel and less water while reducing component wear and extending product life.

Available on the 2100i, 2100i CB, iMPACT, and Ramjet Truck Series.

Our Park-N-Clean system quickly and easily allows operators to park precisely near manholes to begin cleaning in one to two minutes with minimal set-up time.

Available on the Ramjet Truck Series.

Vactor is constantly developing new and better ways to improve productivity and simplify the operators’ job.  Our new wireless controls and handheld remotes include two-way data transmission and are only two of more than 100 customizable options for Vactor equipment.

Check out the Equipment pages to learn more about all of our available options.

The H.A.L.O.® (Hands-Free Accessory Light Option) was designed with safety and efficiency in mind. Explosion-proof, waterproof, and hands-free, the H.A.L.O. is an operator-oriented tool ideal for virtually all applications. Change the way you see work with this patent-pending light accessory.

Available on the 2100i, Water Recycler, 2100i CB, iMPACT, and Ramjet Truck Series.

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