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The Vactor Rapid Deployment Boom

A telescopic boom that deploys 10-feet out and extends the debris hose 15-feet down


Vactor® RDB 1015
Rapid Deployment Boom

In most cases, it takes several minutes for sewer cleaner operators to lift additional debris tubes off the racks, maneuver the truck’s boom and clamp the tubes into place – a process that can lead to operator fatigue and impact overall efficiency.

The Vactor RDB 1015’s ability to extend and retract 15 feet of vacuum hose drastically reduces – and in most cases, completely eliminates – the set-up and tear-down time required to assemble additional debris tubes. The boom can also maintain a lower profile, which allows the combination sewer cleaner to clear low overhead obstacles and still reach needed depths.


Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

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