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Federal Signal is the world leader in innovative equipment, signaling products and communication and security systems that keep workers, first responders and our communities safe and secure.

Our Response Efforts

NSF® Certified Light Series

What is NSF® Certified? Choosing an NSF Certified product provides confidence the warning light will optimally perform in your environment, even after exposure to rigorous sanitation processes. NSF Certification is an ANSI-accredited product certification that adheres to more than 75 acceptable sanitation requirements and protocols for equipment and materials intended for use in commercial food service.

Federal Signal warning lights are NSF Certified for Splash and Non-Food Zones to Standard NSF/ANSI 2: Food Equipment. Products that meet requirements in this standard are intended to protect against contamination and ensure materials can resist wear and effects from food, heat, cleaning compounds and sanitizers. The NSF Certification began as a food and beverage industry standard and overtime was adopted by additional industries that also prioritize cleanliness and sanitation.

NSF Certified Product Brochure

Pedestrian Control Station

During these unprecedented times, businesses are focusing on ways to keep their customers and employees safe. Federal Signal’s StreamLine® Modular Dock Base can help manage foot traffic in and out of facilities. This modular device is customizable with various visual, audible, and A/V StreamLine Modular signals to communicate access control to customers. These units can also be quickly re-configured in the field, so as their needs change, StreamLine Modular changes with them.

Access Control Solutions

Face Shields

Federal Signal is manufacturing face shields at the University Park, IL facility. We acted quickly to meet the needs of our employees and first responders. For more information contact

UVC Office/Work Area Surface Disinfectant

As concerns about contact transfer of COVID-19 virus increased, we came up with some disinfecting approaches that use UV-C light, safely, to disinfect surfaces and parts. UV-C light, based upon many studies, has been found to be quite effective at killing pathogens including the COVID-19 virus. With this knowledge we built two devices, one to disinfect office/work area surfaces and the other for items prior to boxing in shipping.

UVC Part Processing

In an effort to provide our customers low contact hazard parts, we are UV-C processing parts prior to boxing.  Parts are placed in the box, once the door is closed the lamp lights and UV-C is produced disinfecting the parts in 30 second. 


The disinfecting chamber has a UV-C lamp and interlock switches to prevent accidental exposure. Controls are simple with a 0 – 1 minute timer relay.


Our Story... Since our first outdoor siren in 1917 to our first police car beacon in 1948, we’ve never stopped seeking better ways to improve safety and reduce the risk for our customers. Today, a combination of product innovation, expertise, and a commitment to deliver superior service and support is what we work towards to make us unique. 

Our global reach and commitment to safety and security is what drives our innovative spirit. The experience of our product design teams, engineers, customer, and technical support staff makes us a trusted partner around the world.

Our Goal... To be a world leader in innovative product and solutions to keep workers, first responders, and our communities safe and secure.

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