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Convert your existing equipment to a sanitization delivery system.

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How Do I Start?

You can purchase OEM parts from your local dealer, or you can head to your local supplier to purchase the parts needed to convert your equipment. Parts needed are listed in product modification downloads.

Vactor Multi Connection Water Manifold

Convert your sewer cleaner to have multiple connections for the ability to deploy up to 4 additional people with the ability to spray and sanitize public spaces. Always wear appropriate safety equipment, including face shield and safety goggles, safety gloves and safety toe boots. Waterproof apparel is preferred.

Compatible with the following units:
Vactor 2100 Classic, 2100 Plus, 2100i, 2103, Impact, Jetter, Jetter 850, Ramjet

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Vactor or TRUVAC HXX Steam Cleaning System

Convert your Vactor or TRUVAC vacuum excavation trucks’ water heater to dispense wet steam at 250° F. Follow the 11 steps in our guideline to implement this conversion and rapidly deploy your equipment to help in the prevention of spreading of COVID-19.

This bulletin may be used as a guide to convert other models or other manufacturers water heaters but to do so is at your own risk. Vactor has not validated other makes or models.

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Vactor 2100i Solution Metering

Implement aftermarket hardware to apply disinfectant solution with your Vactor 2100i unit. A list of parts and installation procedure is provided in our detailed PDF download.
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CDC Disinfecting Solutions

Is your equipment converted into a delivery system and now in need of a disinfecting solution? We gathered information from the CDC on seven different cleaning options and put them into a comparison chart, available for you to best determine the right solution for your area. Please download our PDF which includes a full list of references that this data was pulled from.

Please consult CDC or PHAC and other federal, provincial and/or state guidelines, as well as medical, scientific, and manufacturer’s literature, regarding the selection, method, and frequency of application of cleaning agents or disinfectants that may be safe and effective against the coronavirus, best practices for that usage (including the use of personal protective equipment), and potential harmful effects on the environment. Customers and users are responsible for selecting appropriate sanitizing agents and methods, and Federal Signal makes no representations or warranties regarding any of the foregoing.

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Elgin Sweeper Dust Control Water System For Chemical Disinfectant Application

Elgin Sweeper users may add chemical disinfectant to the sweeper’s on-board water system. A temporary siphon system may be installed to pump the chemical into the sweeper water tank. Use of an appropriate and effective chemical additive will allow the sweeper spray system or optional wash down features to disinfect streets or other items. Download our bulletin for installation and operation instructions.

The customer/user of the sweeper water system for chemical application is responsible for determining the chemical to be used, its effectiveness as a COVID-19 suppressant/disinfectant, the mixing ration, the application rate, and adherence to all label requirements for product application.

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Elgin Chemical Injection Fogger

Elgin sweepers may be modified to discharge disinfectant fog using air blast. The pickup head and spray water system may be modified to re-direct air flow and disinfectant as fog. A transfer pump installation may be used to add the chemical to the sweepers water tank. View our video for a DIY installation tutorial or download our detailed bulletin below for further instructions.

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See our equipment in action and examples of how and where you can start sanitizing your city or town with the equipment you have in your backyard.

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