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Vactor® HXX Performance Upgrades
Vactor HXX Performance Upgrades
Vactor® HXX Reveal Nozzle
Introducing the Vactor Reveal, a new high-performance, configurable straight jet hydroexcavation nozzle, designed to improve your productivity while digging with water.
Vactor Reveal Nozzle
Vactor® HPDE Flyer
High Density Polyethlene (HDPE) vacuum tubing is now available. Improved durability and longevity compared to aluminum tubes help improve productivity and performance on the job site.
HPDE Flyer
Vactor® Multi-Flow System
Introducing the Vactor Reveal, a new high-performance, configurable straight jet hydroexcavation nozzle, designed to improve your productivity while digging with water.
Vactor Multi-Flow System Sell Sheet
Vactor® Commander System For Root Control
Tree roots invading sewer lines through cracks and fissures can result in very costly sewer repair or replacement work if left untreated.
Vactor Commander System Sell Sheet
Vactor® F.O.G. Buster System Fats, oil and grease, also known as FOG, causes sewer blockages, leading to spills and overflows that are hazardous to the health of the community, homes, local waterways and ground water. The F.O.G. Buster System from Vactor® Manufacturing is an effective way to break through fat, oil and grease clogs, and is less costly and more efficient than conventional mechanical methods to eliminating these clogs.
Vactor F.O.G. Buster System Sell Sheet
Vactor® Quality Sewer Tools The right tool makes a tough job easier. That is why Vactor Manufacturing is pleased to introduce a new line of quality sewer tools.
Vactor Quality Sewer Tools Flyer
Vactor® Vanguard SystemTM Sewer cleaning and camera inspection return thousands of viruses to the street surface, jeopardizing operator health. Given the potential exposure, it is more important than ever to improve conditions at each manhole.
Vactor Vanguard System Sell Sheet
Vactor® JetRodder® The dual action, single piston Vactor JetRodder water pump is now available with up to 3000 PSI. This is the only pump designed exclusively for sewer cleaning with “Jack Hammer” obstruction breaking operation. With pump options available up to 3,000 PSI, customers can have additional capabilities of high pressure if needed.
Vactor JetRodder® Sell Sheet
Rodder Hose Brochure
Vactor® Twist-and-Lock Pipe Rack Support System
Efficient pipe rack storage on a sewer cleaner is essential to everyday application, and Vactor Manufacturing has developed a simple twist-and-lock pipe rack support system that is attached to their fold-down pipe rack.
Vactor Twist-and-Lock Pipe Rack Support System
Higbee Vacuum Tube
Made of lightweight aluminum and powder coated, the Higbee vacuum tubes utilize a special inner tube with fixed air ports to regulate air flow and suction. Higbee vacuum tubes are available in 6 inch or 8 inch diameter.
Higbee Vacuum Tube Flyer
Vactor® OEM Nozzles
Vactor® OEM nozzles give a premium performance at an economical price. They traverse through the most irregular paths, chew through roots in record time, and churn through concrete and minerals.
Nozzle Catalog
Nozzle Catalog - Spanish
Vactor® Hydro Surge Nozzle
Vactor® Hydro Surge Nozzle is the ultimate, high performance cleaning nozzle for large pipe applications.
Hydro Surge Flyer
Vactor® Vision Camera System
Vactor® Vision Camera System is designed to help all drivers operate any Vactor truck with optimum safety to surrounding pedestrians, traffic and property. It also helps truck personnel to work and operate more safely in dangerous conditions, such as high traffic areas.
Vactor Vision Camera Flyer
Vactor® Milling Cutter
Vactor® Milling Cutter utilizes high-pressure water, the cutting head works through the toughest blockages in pipes from 6 to 20 inches in diameter. The unique rearward thrusting orifices propel it forward thereby improving machine productivity.
Vactor Milling Cutter
Vactor® OEM Parts Myths vs Truths
Only the OEM manufactures to known specification and tolerances that will ensure long term performance.
OEM Parts - Myths vs Truth