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Coming in 2018…The completely redesigned HXX QX! Mixing extensive customer feedback/input and innovative engineering, the all new HXX QX is the answer to your most demanding jobs!

Unparalleled Weight Distribution

  • How much weight can you legally haul?
  • What size job can you do and still stay legal?
  • How many trips to empty spoils do you need to make per day and how much does that cost?
  • Stay tuned to find out how our New HXX QX addresses the growing concern of weight distribution

Longer Reaching Boom

  • How much area can you cover before having to move the unit or add hose/pipe?
  • Can you move your boom through its full range without contacting the rest of the unit?
  • Visit Vactor Manufacturing’s booth at ICUEE to see the impressive reach of the boom on the New HXX QX.

PrecisionFlow Water Pump

  • Do you want more flow?
  • Do you want to get away from relief/unloader valves?
  • Do you value proven technology and high performance?
  • Do you want a pump that can run dry and has less moving parts?
  • Stay tuned to see the innovative new water pump on our New HXX QX

Ultra-Quiet Blower Operation

  • How important is noise to you?
  • Have you had noise complaints in the past?
  • Stay tuned to find out how our New HXX QX can operate at less than 90 dB(A) per the ISO Standard

Unmatched Serviceability and Uptime

  • Are you tired of your machine being down?
  • Are you tired of small issues taking a long time to diagnose?
  • Are you tired of using test lights and chase wires; rather have a display showing you which fuse needs to be replaced?
  • Do you want to be able to connect to your vehicle, via blue tooth, in the field?
  • Stay tuned to find out how our New HXX QX addresses serviceability and uptime issues.

Superior Vacuum Performance

  • Do you often have jobs that require extensive lengths of hose?
  • Do you often have jobs that require excavating deep or from great heights?
  • Do you have to use excessive amounts of water to break up soil to be able vacuum it out?
  • Do you have to run the blower at maximum speed just to perform simple tasks?
  • Stay tuned to see the impressive vacuum performance of our New HXX QX and how you can do the same jobs at slower blower speeds to reduce fuel consumption and noise